Hi! We are Ben and Terra Nelson. Both farm grown, outdoor lovers. We met in 2006 at the state fair (good ‘ol Missouri) and married in 2011, barefoot on the beach in Siesta Key, Florida.

What we like to do: Travel; (read as Adventure Together) Drink coffee every single morning, DIY projects around the house, and I like to dabble in beauty and casual style.

Pets. Hello fun mix of dog and cat household. We have a boxer, a Himalayan cat, and 2 rescue cats.

We started this blog to have a place to share our journey with friends and family. Sounds like facebook, right? Well, there is something so much more personal about a blog. And you can’t pin stuff from facebook, so there’s that major life problem there. Solved with a blog.

What other life “problems” can we solve here? You will find this blog eventually full of home DIY projects from the eye doctor turned handyman husband, beauty tips from me the esthetician, and all of our travels with tips, itineraries and normally some free packing lists or any list really. Because I am a compulsive list maker. Anyone else?!


Here’s our blog all about that. 🙂 Thank you so much for following along! Let’s connect on Instagram @terranelsonblog








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