I love our home.

I really haven’t worried about the decor or style of it, ever. I’ve never been a Pinterest wife or the trendy girl on the block. You won’t see arrows, or pink peonies or a big white farmhouse sink in my home…. until now.

Let’s back track a few months to Ben and I sitting down to enjoy or morning cup of coffee and stopping on a show called Fixer Upper. Like everyone else, I was instantly intrigued. Joanna’s style and Chips humor sucked us in. All of a sudden I was recording every episode, we were watching it in all of our spare time.

Soon, watching became talking, talking became pinning ideas, pinning (as it almost always does)…..

becomes a trip to Menards.

Uh-huh…. this escalated quickly.

Fast forward a little bit to when we started working on it. Here’s what we’ve done:

(COMING SOON: click on each line for a detailed post on how to do this yourself!)

Painted the cabinets. How to Paint Cabinets Yourself!wp-1475890632674.jpg

Painted the walls.

Herringbone subway tiles. (Menards)

“Window” cabinets. (DIY)

DIY rustic floating shelves. (DIY)

New Farmhouse Sink (Kohler) and Facucet. (Lowes)wp-1477423395874.jpgwp-1477423395880.jpg

New countertops. (Menards)

I hope you liked this post about my new DIY Modern Farmhouse Kitchen. I hope that you are inspired to start your own project and I can’t wait to see what you’ve done. I am going to update this post with other detailed blog posts on how to do it yourself.

Let’s connect on Instagram ❤️ @terranelsonblog

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