• Creating Our Lighting

    It's nearing the time of the build when all the light fixtures are to be installed. Naturally this means I'm freaking out about ... Read More

    Creating Our Lighting
  • Day One! Dig Day.

    Straight giddy. The perfect way to describe what I was feeling as I drove up and watched the excavators push around our dirt. Also ... Read More

    Day One! Dig Day.
  • Creating Our Craftsman

    Guys!! We are building a house! This snowfield is the new location of the next chapter of our lives. 3 little acres just down ... Read More

    Creating Our Craftsman
  • The Best of Beam Inspiration

    Beams baby! The centerpoint of our craftsman design and our current conversation every night (now that lights are finally over!) I ... Read More

    The Best of Beam Inspiration
  • Our build this week. Episodes 2-15

    Hey guys OK recap on the past, what, 13 weeks of my life?! I really did want to do a weekly episode of build progress and man, ... Read More

    Our build this week. Episodes 2-15


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